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Sisuka Project

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Abstract:  Office Administration.

Tech: #Linux#Nginx#PHP#MariaDB


Sisuka Project is a web based application which built to make effective and efficient business process on Indonesian Tax Office (KPP). From the name, SISUKA which is the acronym from Sistem Persuratan Kantor is mainly purposed to help employee to record the document transfer (in/out) on every division. With the web based application and centralized database, it has more accurate data and easier to manage the data with low risk.


  • Multi users, every employee have their user.
  • Multi division, multitask, multi project. Every division can make multitask for every employee or a group of employee.
  • Ability to import / export the database.
  • Ability to use unlimited database server.
  • Multi-language.

Sisuka project is a very light application, it doesn't consume big resources, I can say it just consume low resource and can run on very small server/desktop PC. It can run on virtual server with less than 256MB RAM. When it launched at KPP Pratama Jakarta Gambir Dua, sisuka placed on a virtual server with small ram, use ubuntu 14.04 server with Nginx web server and mariadb as the db server, this application can run smoothly without problem.