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Ragnarok Online Canopus Private Server

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Abstract:  Ragnarok Online Canopus Private Server, a private server for Ragnarok Online, emulated using custom eAthena Engine.

Tech: #Linux#C++#MySQL

Ragnarok Online Private Server

Ragnarok Online was one of the most popular game back in the 2000s. My curiosity led me to built a private server for offline use with my friends.

The server is running on a Linux server with a custom emulator, eAthena engine and later using rAthena engine. It hosts a lot of players and is a good example of how to build a private server.

What I built

  • Various custom quests
  • Many custom items
  • Custom skills
  • Custom monsters
  • Custom maps
  • Custom NPCs
  • Custom equipment
  • Custom pets

What I learned

  • C and C++ language
  • SQL language
  • Linux system

There is live server for nostalgic purposes here.